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Why is my Air Conditioner Not Working?

A common question we get asked is “why is my air conditioner not working” and here at ARMS One Hour Heating and Cooling Company we are here to help tackle this problem and provide our customers with a quick and speedy repair. There is no one size fits all answer for this question, your air conditioner is a complicated piece of equipment composed of many different parts.

Your air conditioner is composed of these parts:

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Evaporator Fins
  • Condenser
  • Air Handler
  • Controlled by a Thermostat

At any time, any of these parts can be disrupted, and the repairs can either be a simple clean up, a switch to new parts, or a whole unit replacement, it all depends on the specific problem and its severity.


Most Common Air Conditioning Problems – Atwater, CA

Many of the calls we receive about air conditioner problems can be solved with a simple repair and can even be prevented with a yearly maintenance check-up or tune up. Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of the overall care for your cooling unit; it helps extends its life and promises to keep it functional during the times your need it most.

Here are some common issues we run into on a daily basis, if you are experiencing a similar situation, call us for a quick troubleshoot, repair, or inspection and we will have your unit up and running again.

  • Air Conditioner Unit Won’t Turn On – We find the root causes of this problem can be from either a broken thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, or a dirty capacitor. Call a professional technician for service because if the problem is from a tripped breaker it can be dangerous to handle on your own. A dirty capacitor will need to be cleaned in a way that won’t harm the other internal parts.
  • Air Conditioner Making Clicking Noise – The problem can be an improperly installed air conditioner. The size of the unit may not be appropriate for the home, and that could be what is causing this issue. The other issue could be due to the air handle; the air handler has a belt that connects to the motor, if this happens to slip then you will need to call for a service repair. Immediately shut off the air conditioner and call for an inspection.
  • Air Conditioner is Running but is Not Cooling the Home – The condenser being damaged can cause this to happen. The condenser is the part of the air conditioner that produces cold air; the fans can be running while your condenser has stalled which is why your air conditioner is functioning but not producing the cold air demanded from it. The other problem could be a lack of refrigerant that the air conditioner uses to produce the cold air. Either scenario needs to be inspected and if its the condenser it will need to be replaced. The problem can also be caused from faulty ductwork; an inspection will save you time figuring out the cause and get you back to having comfort in your home.

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Inspection? And Why?

It is heavily advised that you call a professional heating and cooling contractor to inspect your heating and cooling units once a year. The best time is before the summer and before the winter, so fall and spring. The benefits of having these yearly inspections can extend the life of your unit many years, save your money on energy bills and reduce the risk of costly repairs down the road.

Our air conditioning inspections and maintenance will send a qualified, experienced technician to your home who will perform the following tasks for you.

  • Checking and cleaning the motor, blower, drain lines, and coils.
  • Inspect all connections in your A/C Unit
  • Check refrigerant levels and supply lines
  • Replacing your current air filter
  • Checking your thermostat

Your air conditioner is comprised of all these parts, and each part needs to communicate and work together to deliver cold air as efficiently as possible to your home.


When is it Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

We understand the difficulty of having to replace your air conditioner, but this is part of the products we buy. Air Conditioners like anything else will eventually need to be replaced, and it can be from any number of reasons.

  • The air conditioner has simply gotten too old and is no longer capable of operating efficiently. Most air conditioners last 10-15 years when cared for properly, and usually in that time span, more energy efficient products will have been released from any major manufacturer so that a replacement might be very beneficial for potential savings for your home.
  • The air conditioner requires multiple repairs every year
  • Your home has an uneven distribution of cooling and heating

These are some of the scenarios you might encounter when dealing with an air conditioner that needs to be replaced more than it needs to be repaired.

What ARMS One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Will Do – Atwater, CA

ARMS One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning emphasizes quality customer service and working with you to figure out the best options for your home and your family.

What to consider: 

  • Do you need a heating and cooling diagnostic or repair?
  • Do you want to consider a free estimate?
  • Seasonal Tune-Up?
  • Free estimate on home efficiency options?

We can provide tune-ups, repairs, installations, and replacements for any of your heating and cooling systems and we will provide these services for the best price in the market.

What you get with ARMS One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is unmatched

  • Upfront Pricing: We promise to be straightforward with you on our pricing and our labor. You do not have to worry about paying hourly for a technician to figure out the issue; we will tell you the cost up front, and that will be that for the entire repair.
  • Done Right the First Time: We do the job right and do not expect you to call us again for the same repair if you are not satisfied with your repair the first time we will come back and do it again for free.
  • “Always on time or you don’t pay a dime” – This is the One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning slogan. We do not want to waste your time, and we won’t. We promise to make it to your home for the guaranteed repair and if we don’t the repair will be free, on us.

ARMS also provides residential A/C services for the cities of Tracy and Manteca.

Call ARMS for Air Conditioning Repair, Installations, & Tune-Ups: (209) 357-8199